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Thursday, March 11, 2010 | 8:43 AM

Recently we debuted an Ideas Page for YouTube where users from around the globe could contribute with ideas and feedback to make YouTube better. It was a success, receiving almost 3,000 ideas and more than 300,000 votes. We even launched a few features that directly addressed some of the requests -- namely, an HTML5 Beta (there were many HTML5 advocates who participated) and a sneak peek of our new cleaner video page (some desired a "less cluttered" YouTube).

Today we are creating a similar Product Ideas Page specific to our YouTube Partners, where you can post ideas about how we can improve the site and your experience as partners, and see what other people are suggesting, too. If you like their suggestion, vote for it!
Whether it's an idea for a brand new feature, a small tweak that would simplify your work flow or just feedback about our Partner Program, we'd love to hear it. While we aren't able to guarantee that all ideas will be implemented, we can promise that we'll take the top ideas (as voted by you) and bring them to the YouTube Partner Team for review.
This series will be closed to new submissions and votes on April 12th, so be sure to submit your ideas soon. We look forward to hearing from you!

Filipe Lima, YouTube Partners Team
Ethan Ambabo, Product Ideas Team


Raoul said...

I wanted to submit an idea of mine to the Ideas Page you set up, but I see you're no longer accepting submissions.

Still, I'd like to at least make you aware of it. It's a model for revenue sharing between content creators, YouTube and music publishers, and deals with expanding the Content ID program to monetize the use of copyrighted music tracks. I wrote about it in detail on my blog:

Please take a couple of minutes to read through it, I'd love to see this implemented.


jacks said...

Have a good idea for youtube,,, in the comments.
Putting the opportunity to comment with audio! with a limited time of 20 seconds, using a speech synthesizer male and female, for privacy etc ... Most everything has q be very practical and simple ... my email is thank

okay said...

it's going to take a while to get used to, but i like it

Hefab said...

Hi when will blackberry mobile device has the ability of GPS navigation service just like Nexus?

yoglovers said...

I want to know about the google product, I think this is extreme platform to share ideas & show creativity

Sim2K said...

This is great but at the moment I don't see how Google are saying thanks for all these great ideas people are giving away that Google don't have to pay for.

I have an idea that could make everybody a lot of money but I am not giving it away for free.

You should talk about a reward system for all our hard thinking. If this was open source and you would not be making money from this, then fair enough, but YouTube is a business so I think a reward system should be implemented and publicised. Then my idea will be told.

Barnabas said...

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if by the name of YouTube Bar I would open a kinda alternative establishment where customers would be seated on tables (or bar seats) where they would have a device with which they could vote for the oncoming music... People would have a screen where they had access to youtube, and the playlist is edited on-the-go. A song plays and on a huge screen people can see the result of the next vote, being still able to vote themselves.. Girls and guys would run out the toilet just to get to their consoles so that they can still have their favourite music on in a few minutes. Through built-in Facebook you could update your status with online camera-streams from the dance stage ("Hey, check out what party im in :P You can still make it!" A DJ would be absolutely pointless because "YOUR MUSIC IS ON"! Sharing favourites and listening to them? Cool, even if you have nothing to do in the afternoon, you pop in to have a coffee or a snack listen to some music checking your e-mail. I think it would be hilarious. Image that you sign in at the entrance , share your favourites and browse the ones in common with others'. This is what I just thought of.. I also happen to have the experince to run such a bar with all the places I worked in. I do consider this an out of my mind idea as well, yes, I'm asking myself the same... WOuld it work? Would it give you really THAT kind of experience? Yeah..Why not? I need Google's support to put my idea into reality... Honestly my friend sitting next to me says this is crazy, but why not give it a try, it could be a great succes. I have financial plans which would actually be quite accurate as I am studying the subject. Please give me feedback! This needs to be realized, seriously... Barnabas Tuzko

KBX said...

i too was disappointed to see the idea submission closed. i have a GR* idea.

you can do innovative use of media advertising for smartphones such as Galaxy Note. Whenever someone chooses 480p and above resolution in less than full screen size you put a frame around the video screen. The frame of the Galaxy Note phone, so that the video looks like it is being played on that smartphone, it will be excellent advertising. :) When you submit this idea for Cannes Advertising Festival in the innovative use of media, do credit my name Karan Bhatia of KBX Ads+Ideas+Writing+Design :) Best Regards!

SongoAryan said...

IMO Youtube needs user adjusted video proposition bar. So i could click X in right corner to get rid of videos i don't like, in the same time personalising search results and sort videos showing up later.
One maybe doesn't know if he will like next random video or not but he already knows what he likes and what not. Right? Create some fancy algorytm and let's do it. BTW facebook's pages hints sucks because they doesn't filter it and personalise properly what one is really looking for. Showing only similar stuff is not enough when you can make list shorter getting rid of what you don't like. Cheers

Itzz Javier said...

Here's a awesome idea for Youtube for browser. You should be able to subscribe a playlist so instead of subscribing because you don't want other random videos from the users and just want to see the series they are making you should be able to subscribe to a playlist. Great idea isn't it.

Contact me here if you think its a good idea.

Amish Gopie said...

Can you add a thumbs down for comments

Serenity_2411 Free Intros said...

An option to setup a default video for intro and or outro. That when your outro/intro changes you dont have to render every video you ever made.

Unknown said...


If your playing a YouTube video from a device being cast onto a TV or game console, there should be a feature that automatically pauses the video of you leave the room.

GameBert said...


If your playing a YouTube video from a device being cast onto a TV or game console, there should be a feature that automatically pauses the video of you leave the room.

venkat krishna kumar said...

Please add voice message option in comment section.

venkat krishna kumar said...

Please add voice message option in comment section.

Bob said...

I have an idea for youtube. So I love to watch videos that I have watched before and thats why i go to my history of videos that i have watched for music and other stuff as well. My idea is to organize the history of videos you have watched.

For Example:


Videos watched in 2012 ( 104 videos watched)
(Thumbnail of videos here)

Videos watched in 2013 (234 Videos watched)

(Thumbnail of videos here)

You know like catorgorize them. Also maybe have a catigory of videos you watched that videos that only contain music in them.

For example:

Music videos (89 music videos watched)

(Thumbnails of music videos here)

Example song: Michael Jackson's Beat it.

Or other music VIDEOS THAT ARE ONLY BASED ON MUSIC TO LISTEN TO. NOT VIDEOS WITH MUSIC IN IT. I dont want to have a bunch of videos that i watched like a new trailer of a movie and it shows up in my music category because it has music in it.
What im saying in conclusion is to categorize and organize the history of videos you have watched.

Tears Painter said...

Hi youtube
I just want to share my idea with you that is to add subtitles option to videos

P John Livingston said...

Hi YouTube

The channel is fantastic and gives good research room. However, YouTube management can think about the following:-

1. After, me I want my son to take-over my channel as a heir, to organize and post his videos, see the analytics of videos inclusive of mine, everything, but with a RESTRICTION THAT HE CANNOT DELETE THE EXISTING VIDEOS POSTED BY ME.

2, I mean to say after me, my heir, who I click and appoint as my heir (my son), should be able to open and see what I view in my YouTube studio, analytics etc., but he should not be able to delete or modify my own videos posted by me.

3. Can YouTube think of providing this feature, in addition which will be a great thing for the present YouTube channel owners who think of their future in controlling their channel as a heir..?

Ethan Davis said...

Hey guys! I am a YouTube partner and my YouTube channel is ED8. I think Google should implement interactive quiz-style videos. They already have these in the form of their survey ads. There are lots of videos that ask a question and gauge your personality, IQ, etc. Based on a point system. It would be fantastic if these videos could be interactive and the YouTube content creator could design quizes/surveys and give an automated result based on the viewers answers!

ldy00 said...

I use youtube to listen to music everytime I shower but when there's a long ad I can skip its annoying because obviously I have to dry my hands and press the skip button.
So, with the courtesy of Youtube could you guys make a 15 minute ad-free shower session?? It could help cut down shower time unconsciously for some people which can save water and electricity!

Thank you!

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